Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Home Decor: Five Questions with Top Designers

Spotlight on: Harris House Design
The Harris House Design aesthetic is influenced in Transitional design paired with modern and European influence, while incorporating strong architectural elements into the mix. They love to utilize found objects unique to their clients, yet the most important thing they do is help their clients interpret their own personal style.

How do you define your Design Style?
My design style comes from travel. The pieces that I have borrowed from this beautiful planet all come from my travel. I began my journey when I visited Guadalajara Mexico 12 years ago. At the time I owned a small construction firm and was mainly remodeling homes and commercial properties. My jaw dropped so much in Guadalajara  my friends that went with me nicknamed me DROPJAW. It was then my love affair began with artists of
all sorts. I cleaned out my savings account buying beautiful pieces of art/decor/furniture/lighting and more while my friends were recovering from the night before.  I had absolutely no plans on what to do next. I had enough to load a 40 foot truck plus more. When I came back I decided to search for a retail space and found a very small hole in the wall signed a lease and opened. I eventually moved from that tiny space and into a twenty thousand square foot space - I was bringing containers from India - Peru - Brazil - Europe and of course Mexico. During the upswing in real estate, I was known as the guy with the exotic -One Of A Kind pieces and did well.  I have had to evolve in this changing market and downsize. I'm now in a two thousand square foot retail space in Westlake Village and buying from local wholesalers and also have a design studio showroom in Calabasas, CA.

How do you access/interpret an Clients interior style? What are the most important factors in creating a compelling design?
Many times a client cannot articulate exactly what they are wanting and it is up to me to bring it out for them. I'm my best when I can climb up in their head and gradually pull out the pictures they see and lay them out. Something manifests in me - a feeling of first gratitude  then happiness and then i

What inspires you?
My inspiration comes not from what I believe in or what I may know about a space, but it's the client who has called me to help them bring out their desires.

Can you provide a simple design tip that someone can implement right away?
I would say when searching for a piece  take your time. Don't button up something to just finish up a room from being impatient. That's not easy for me to say cause I don't have the best of patience, but I have learned through trial and error that it is the special pieces that truly bring you most joy and inspiration .Next time you're on a road trip or vacation or find yourself in a local antique store - Look- touch - feel...Allow your mind to open up. Something that catches your eye and your jaw drops and allow the energy to guide you to what your eyes are showing you. I truly Love my pieces. Each one of them have a little story...And there is nothing like finishing a space with the ability to someday look back and think wow I remember that moment.

Contact Harris House Design at (818) 889-8647 and visit their website, HarrisHouseDesign.com.

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