Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Home Decor: Five Questions with Top Designers

Spotlight on Tabitha Evans of Tabitha Evans Design

1) What is your personal design style at home?
Eclectic -  My husband I have traveled and collected interesting pieces from all over the world.

2) I notice the Room +24 and the Room +Box choices on your website, what inspired this intriguing approach to Design?  I think everyone deserves great design! I put together some affordable options.

Room + Box - Some people love DIY and need a little assistance. This option allows them to shop at their leisure or when their budget permits without compromising their design.  

Room + 24 - It is simply a 24 hour make over.  We use what the client already possesses and take the budget they give us to update/modify their current look. These are two great options for cost effective solutions and can be given as a gift also!

3) Are you involved in Fashion and Film Communities, as well as, Design? I love fashion & film.  I try to attend fashion events when available!  I think it's important to know and follow trends.  I also do staging for TV commercials, films, etc.  My husband has a production company and I had the opportunity to work with him on all sorts of fun projects.

4) What inspires you?
I find inspiration all over!  My mentor, Lynne Beyer continues to be a huge inspiration in my life.  My wonderful husband and beautiful children inspire me daily.

5) Can you give us a quick, simple Design Tip we can use right away?
One thing I notice people have trouble with is clutter.  My tip, things that clutter up deal with it as soon as you get it in your hands.  Example: mail - look through it and throw out what you aren't keeping as soon as you walk in...don't set on the counter.  Put your bills where they belong and magazines in their proper holder/place.

Contact Tabitha Evans at (480) 236-3784  or by email and visit her website: Tabitha Evans Design

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