Monday, September 23, 2013

Home Decor: Five Questions with Top Designers

Spotlight on Local Designer, Tamara Johnson of Together Interiors, LLC

1) It seems your passion in Design flourishes in Fabrics. How did your love and expertise in Fabrics emerge?
I started out in the furniture industry over 20 years ago and just loved working with fabrics putting together fun palates with mixed patterns, textures, colors, etc.   I then expanded my practice to be an expert window treatment design to include custom bedding and furniture.  I have one of the largest private fabric/trim libraries in the Scottsdale area which allows me to help client’s find the perfect fabric for any application.

2) What’s new for fall with Textiles in Design?
Large Ikat, stripes, and bold colors continue to be a huge success.
Black/Greys blended with Citron, Orange, and Cobalt Blues are really fun for the pop that every space needs.

3) What are your thoughts about Fabric as Wallpaper?
I grew up with my mother using fabric as wallpaper so I think it is really cool.  It adds another dimension to a wall treatment that Faux just can’t do.  Also adds some sound absorption so it is great for bedrooms and entertainment spaces.

 4) What inspires you?
Every day as I go into client’s homes and then go out shopping – the combinations are endless and exciting. I just love finding new things and creating unique arrangements in client’s home.  Sometimes it is just the smallest thing that I find can be the center of a space.   

5) Can you give us a quick Design tip that we can implement right away?
Placing furniture or an area rug on an angle to give the room a fresh perspective is just a simple way to make a huge change by simple moving something on an angle.

Contact Tamara Johnson at (480) 595-1010 or via her website, Together Interiors, LLC 

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