Monday, September 16, 2013

Home Decor: Five Questions with Top Designers

Spotlight on Lori Carroll of Lori Carroll and Associates

1)Your designs seem to make each space look expansive.  What is your technique?    My technique for making a space seem larger is using subtle, tone on tone patterns and colors.  Keeping the color scheme continuous from floor to walls to ceiling gives the illusion of more space. Using texture and bright pops of color in artwork and accessories personalizes the room. 

2) Is there a particular room you like designing more than any other? Why?
My absolute favorite room to design is the powder room.  One reason; you can splurge in a powder room. Since the space is smaller, you need less material which means you can budget for items that might be too costly for a master bathroom.  In a powder room color and texture both make a big impact; so it’s fun to mix and match finishes. 

3) I've been reading about ‘Reconnecting with our Home’.  Do you have any thoughts on how we can do this?
You can reconnect with your home by doing simple updates like changing out hardware on your cabinets; bringing in some fresh accessories or adding new lighting.  

4) What inspires you?
I use anything and everything around me for inspiration.  It might be as simple as a fabric swatch or as complex as a unique piece of furniture.

5) Can you give us a quick Design tip that we can implement right away?
One of my favorite design tricks is to expand a frameless piece of art by painting around the canvas, adding depth to the art and the room.

Contact Lori Carroll at (520) 886-3443 or via her website, Lori Carroll and Associates. Visit our or

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