Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Home Decor: Five Questions with Top Designers

Spotlight on: Heather Bates
H. Bates Interior Design

1) What is your personal Design style at home?
My personal design style is a mash up of traditional, transitional, and eclectic. I grew up with British Colonial influences.

2) Did any specific family members influence your choice to get into Design, if not, what did? The females in my family have a long line of artistic ability. This came out in painting and music and tasteful decor. Pretty much from young childhood, I was always thinking on how to improve my spaces and moving items around, repainting furniture and such/. I dabbled in oil painting and was musically inclined. I sang a lot in choirs, and at one time played three instruments: The flute, Violin and Piano, the last of which was my main one.

3) I notice from your portfolio that your designs are minimalistic, i.e. beautiful, purposefully placed pieces with significant space in your total Design. Is that characteristic of your Design style?I'm glad you could figure that out! Yes, I prefer clean site lines and am not one to keep a collection, or have lots of accessories. What I do have is a lot of framed artwork (probably too much) and family heirlooms that have a certain place in my home. I even keep my electrical kitchen appliances in the pantry when not being used. I can't even watch "Hoarders" on TV, it makes my skin crawl and I feel instantly overwhelmed by ALL THE STUFF.

4) What inspires you?
I am inspired by color and what I see as the miraculous work of Mother Nature. Design is in everything from flower petals to the clouds in the sky. My expression of this inspiration is in the full effect of the depth of color, intricacies of design - say in molding,trims or inlaid furniture, and how it relates to our interior and exterior spaces.

5) Can you give us a quick Design tip that we can implement right away?
Break up the monotony of your space by using one item that doesn't normally belong there. This doesn't have to be large. It could be something in a totally unrelated color, or from your travels. You'll get comments and maybe even have a story to tell about how you acquired the piece.

Contact Heather Bates of H. Bates Interior Design at (703) 625-0031 or via her profile on Houzz.  Visit our website: ShopStatewideLighting.com or LookatMyFire.com

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